Capsule Game Feeder 250 lb Feeder
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250 lb Capsule Tire Feeder Features Holds 250 lbs of feed. Capsule Feeders assemble in minutes using seven Phillips-head bolts. The unit is 30 inches in diameter Weighs about 130 lbs when empty. Two units (assembled) can fit in the back of a standard pickup truck. A 22.5-24.5 inch tire provides a tough, immovable base. Rebar or "T" posts can be driven around the tire to secure it in place. Typically used as a broadcast feeder with corn or fish food. Corn and pellets and milo may be combined if desired. Capsule feeders are designed to "completely empty", using a first-in first-out feed cycle. All Capsule feeders come with a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Whats Included: 250 LB Capsule Feeder Heavy Duty Motor Auger Spinner Plate Solar Charger Varmint Guard Special Note: This Kit Does Not Include Tire!

No Ladders.

No more feed wasted.

Feed only comes out when timer goes off.

  • Item #: CGF-250
  • Manufacturer: GreatMark
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 250FEEDER

Capsule Game Feeder 250 lb Feeder

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